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Can I pay at COURSERA with Paypal?

COURSERA accepts payment through PayPal digital wallet.

Does COURSERA offer free shipping?

COURSERA delivers its courses for free since these are done online from your account.

How can I use a discount code for COURSERA?

At COURSERA you can use a discount code easily and simply since this step is carried out once the payment for the selected course is being made.

What is a discount code for COURSERA?

For COURSERA, the discount codes are delivered to its clients so that they can be applied and users can save, by applying the alphanumeric codes, which have an expiration date, and must be used before their expiration.

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General information about COURSERA

COURSERA was created by Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng in 2012 who had the idea of creating the best way to help thousands of people in different parts of the world through an online platform who found a way to evolve and transform lives through learning, thus generating a positive impact, which are delivered in a flexible and accessible manner, and are aimed at individuals, companies and universities, among which are available from courses, specializations, degree programs, in different branches and areas.

Products sold by COURSERA

COURSERA offers from its platform online bachelor’s degrees, careers, bachelor’s degrees, courses, specializations, master’s degrees, among others available for individuals, companies and universities, topics such as Data Science, Health, Arts and Humanities, Information Technology, Sciences of computing, Learning a language, Personal development, Business, Social Sciences, Physical Sciences and Engineering, Mathematics and Logic, Management and Commerce.

Brands sold by COURSERA

COURSERA does not have a brand available.

Product categories in COURSERA

COURSERA has products and services available for sale For individuals, For businesses, For Universities, For government. How can you get discounts in the COURSERA At COURSERA you can get discounts in various ways, one of them is by subscribing to the newsletter, also from your social networks or mobile application, as well as on special sales dates available throughout the year such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, 11.11, Christmas Sale, Summer Sale, among others.

How can I use a I discount coupon for COURSERA

At COURSERA you can use a discount coupon in a box that will be located at the time of payment to include the coupon number to use.

Discount offered by COURSERA

New COURSERA customers can use all discounts, offers and coupons available when signing up for a course.

COURSERA coupon code and or promotional offer for newsletter subscription

By subscribing to the COURSERA newsletter, users will receive notification bulletins with information about their available study services, whether newly launched, as well as special offers and/or discounts.

Special category of COURSERA with products on discounted prices

COURSERA has some of its courses available with up to a special 10% discount applied.

COURSERA yearly special events

During the course of the year on COURSERA you can get some dates of events or special days which offer some special discounts, as well as offers, sales and special sales coupons, some of these dates with special prices can be Black Friday, Cyber Monday, 11.11, Chistmas Sale, Winter Sale, Summer Sale, among others.

COURSERA offers and Coupons for Black Friday

The special price offers that can be found on COURSERA during the Black Friday discounts are very good since they allow their users to enjoy subscribing and saving along with discounts of 70% only for this day.

COURSERA A offers and Coupons for 11.11

COURSERA offers the best promotional packages among its courses available to anyone, so it offers special discounts of up to 50% during the 11.11 discounts which can be found in the month of November.

COURSERA offers and Coupons for Cyber Monday

Another special sale date for COURSERA is during the celebration of Cyber Monday discounts which takes place the Monday following Black Friday, for this special day there are special discounts of 75% with an additional 5% coupon at the end of the sale. purchase, available for any course, bachelor's or master's degree.

COURSERA offers and Coupons for Christmas Sale

To enjoy Christmas COURSERA brings the Christmas Sale discounts which can take advantage of discounts of up to 55% for a limited time to subscribe to any education plan that the user wants at any time.

COURSERA offers and Coupons for Winter Sale

Any time is ideal to be able to subscribe to COURSERA along with the Winter Sale or winter discounts in which there are special prices and good discounts that can be up to 40% to save and study.

COURSERA offers and Coupons for VALENTINE´S SALE

Valentine Sale discounts are delivered by COURSERA during the month of February which are available anywhere in the world which can be on special dates of the month with discounts of up to 35%.


Other discounts available at COURSERA are the International Women's Day discounts which are available in the month of March for which there are special prices and discounts from 20%.

COURSERA offers and Coupons for EASTER SALE

The Easter Sale or Easter and/or Resurrection Sunday discounts are given every year, for this day COURSERA offers some of its service categories with discounts from 10%.

COURSERA offers and Coupons for SUMMER SALE

To enjoy summer at COURSERA, Summer Sale discounts are available from which users can take any course, bachelor's or master's degree that they require, taking advantage of the available discounts of up to 45%.

COURSERA offers and Coupons for BACK TO SCHOOL

Back to school discounts are offered by COURSERA with affordable prices especially for students, and any other individual, who can take advantage of special seasonal discounts from 25% to save.

COURSERA offers and Coupons for New Year's Eve Sale

The latest discounts available at the end of the year through COURSERA are the new year's eve sale discounts, which include some theme selections with special prices and offers, in addition to their discounts of up to 42%.

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