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Can I pay at MONDLY with Paypal?

MONDLY.COM accepts as a payment method those made through the PayPal platform.

Does MONDLY offer free shipping?

MONDLY offers its lessons free since they are delivered online.

How can I use a discount code for MONDLY?

Customers who decide to subscribe to MONDLY can use their discount codes when making payment, this step is quick and simple as it only has to be included in the corresponding box

What is a discount code for MONDLY.COM?

For MONDLY, a discount code corresponds to an alphanumeric code which must be included in a box when paying for the subscription. These codes have an expiration date so they must be used before this, likewise the discount codes. discounts allow your customers to save.

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kood i kupongikood: 20% allahindlus Premium 1-aastane tellimus Aegub juuni 5, 2024
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General information about MONDLY

MONDLY was established by a group of people in the city of Transylvania, Romania. Since its inception, this platform has the purpose of supporting thousands of people around the world through different ways such as lessons, conversations, games, among other forms. the best way to learn a new language different from the native one, fluidly promoting the new language.

MONDLY delivers its classes through professionals in a fun and pleasant way, which are mixed between grammar and the conjugation of words that are divided into different classes and which can be taken anywhere the user is. from your mobile device or your Laptop, these lessons allow you to develop your mind and learn through a dynamic team with the best experts who make their classes entertaining which are available for people of any age or gender, and also have special programs For companies, these classes range from basic to intermediate and advanced levels.

Products sold by MONDLY

Among the language categories that MONDLY has available are English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Polish, Bulgarian, Croatian, Norwegian, Hungarian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Romanian, Persian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Czech, Greek, African.

Brands sold by MONDLY

MONDLY does not sell famous brands since it is a platform that offers learning different languages.

Product categories in MONDLY

The product categories that MONDLY has available are Languages, Mondly, Mondly for Bussiness, Mondly Kids, Mondly VR, Mondly AR, Blog, Phrasebook.

How can you get discounts on the MONDLY

At MONDLY you can get discounts in different ways, including from their social networks, their mobile application, by subscribing or on special event dates which offer great and good discounts such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, 11.11, Christmas Sale , Summer Sale, Winter Sale among others.

How can I use a I discount coupon for MONDLY

At MONDLY you can use a discount coupon at the time of making the payment to which you subscribed in a box that will be located to carry out this step.

Discount offered by MONDLY

New MONDLY customers can use all coupons available at the time of payment.

MONDLY coupon code and or promotional offer for newsletter subscription

For people who subscribe to the MONDLY newsletter, they will be up to date with notifications of their exclusive offers.

Special category of MONDLY with products on discounted prices

MONDLY currently has a unique lifetime purchase discount of 95%.

MONDLY yearly special events

Throughout the year there are special dates in which MONDLY offers very good offers, discounts and very good promotions with which you can take advantage of to subscribe and save, some of these dates can be Black Friday, Cyber Monday, 11.11, Christmas Sale, Winter Sale, Summer Sale among others.

MONDLY offers and Coupons for Black Friday

MONDLY has Black Friday discounts available, a date in which customers can enjoy an exclusive promotion to subscribe to the plan they prefer with a special discount for this day of 78%, in addition to a 3% discount coupon.

MONDLY offers and Coupons for 11.11

In order to save when subscribing, MONDLY has the 11.11 discounts available, also known as singles' day discounts. For this special day, you can select any language to subscribe to the plan with an exclusive one-time discount of 66%.

MONDLY offers and Coupons for Cyber Monday

MONDLY offers a special discount to subscribe to the exclusive lifetime plan in which a 90% discount is offered to celebrate Cyber Monday discounts, in addition to a 5% coupon to save during this day.

MONDLY offers and Coupons for Christmas Sale

The Christmas Sale discounts at MONDLY are delivered in the month of December, a special date to take advantage of the 70% discount available which can be taken advantage of and given as a Christmas gift for that special being.

MONDLY offers and Coupons for Winter Sale

Any time is special to subscribe to the lessons that MONDLY has available along with the Winter Sale or winter discounts in which you can take advantage of the unique seasonal discount of 65%.

MONDLY offers and Coupons for VALENTINE´S SALE

In the month of February, MONDLY celebrates by delivering the Valentine Sale discounts, a date in which you can take advantage of them to learn along with the 50% discount.


Another celebration available on MONDLY is the International Women's Day discounts, which is available in the month of March and is a date for which any user can subscribe to learn a language along with the 40% discount.

MONDLY offers and Coupons for EASTER SALE

The Easter Sale or Easter and/or Resurrection Sunday discounts are celebrated every year at MONDLY and for this date there is a special 35% promotion in which you can subscribe and save.

MONDLY offers and Coupons for SUMMER SALE

The best vacation that users can enjoy is taking advantage of the Summer Sale discounts that MONDLY has for this date in which there is a special unique discount of 72% with which they can save and learn at the same time a extra language of the native language.

MONDLY offers and Coupons for BACK TO SCHOOL

The Back to school discounts are special for MONDLY since there are unique discounts for students, a 55% discount that allows you to subscribe to enjoy the lessons of the selected language to cultivate.

MONDLY offers and Coupons for New Year's Eve Sale

The last discount that MONDLY has in the year is known as New Year's Eve Sale discounts or also New Year's Eve discount. The last available discount promotion is 58% to subscribe to the plan that the user wants from any place this is.

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