20% kupongikood järgmisel peatumisel

kood Aegub juuni 20, 2024
Kasutage seda kupongikoodi kassas ja säästke oma järgmise peatumise broneerimiselt 20% allahindlust.

Võtke 25% sooduskood saidile kogu poes

kood Aegub juuli 12, 2024
Broneerige saidil ja rakendage see sooduskood kassas, et säästa kogu poe tellimuselt 25% allahindlust.

SCANDIC sooduskood: säästa 20%

kood Aegub detsember 31, 2023
Selle SCANDIC HOTELSI kupongiga saate 20%.

25% SCANDIC HOTELS sooduskood, kui broneerite vähemalt 7 päeva ette

kood Lõppenud
Broneerige SCANDIC HOTELSiga vähemalt 7 päeva ja saate 25% lisaallahindlust.

Praegused SCANDIC HOTELLI sooduskoodid

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Korduma kippuvad küsimused SCANDIC HOTELSI kohta

Millised on praegused kupongid või pakkumised SCANDIC HOTELSI jaoks 2023. aasta detsembris?

Can I pay at SCANDIC HOTELS with Paypal?

SCANDIC HOTELS does not accept payment through PayPal.

Does SCANDIC HOTELS offer free shipping?

SCANDIC HOTELS delivers your reservations for free since they are delivered online.

How can I use a discount code for SCANDIC HOTELS?

At SCANDIC HOTELS you can use a discount code quickly, easily and simply since this is done at the time of making the payment for the reservation.

What is a discount code for SCANDIC HOTELS?

For SCANDIC HOTELS, a discount code is an alphanumeric code that is given to users so that they can save when making the payment for the reservation.

Kuidas kasutada SCANDIC HOTELSI kupongikoodi

Kas otsustasite otsida hotellimajutust SCANDICu võrgustikust? Ärge unustage, et kasutades SCANDIC voucherit, saate oma majutuse eest parema hinna, olenemata sellest, millal soovite peatuda. SCANDICu vautšeri lunastamiseks järgige neid samme:

  • 1
    Valige sihtkoht, kus soovite peatuda.
  • 2
    Valige periood ning tubade ja inimeste arv.
  • 3
    Klõpsake tekstil "Broneerimiskood, Boonustšekk või Preemiaõhtu".
  • 4
    Ilmuvasse ristkülikukujulisse kasti kirjutage kupong SCANDIC HOTELS.
  • 5
    Klõpsake nuppu "Vaata tube ja hindu".
  • 6
    Valige SCANDIC HOTELSi võrgustikust soovitud hotell ja viige broneering lõpule.

Kontrollitud SCANDIC HOTELS koodid

Koodi tüüp Soodustuse üksikasjad Aegub
kood 20% kupongikood järgmisel peatumisel Aegub juuni 20, 2024
kood Võtke 25% sooduskood saidile kogu poes Aegub juuli 12, 2024
kood SCANDIC sooduskood: säästa 20% Aegub detsember 31, 2023

General information about SCANDIC HOTELS

SCANDIC HOTELS is considered the largest hotel chain among the Nordic countries, which was founded in 1963. This hotel chain is distributed in different countries including Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Germany and Poland with around 130 establishments spread across different countries.

The main objective of the facilities available at SCANDIC HOTELS is to provide the best comfort and convenience, as well as good service, hospitality, tranquility and rest, allowing for a pleasant and welcoming stay that allows its clients to choose the facilities again whatever the reason for their stay. the family vacation stay, business, pleasure, in addition to its quality in its accommodation, there is also gastronomy in its restaurants, its bars, event halls, gym, spa, tourist attractions among other more available options that can be found when visiting.

Products sold by SCANDIC HOTELS

SCANDIC HOTELS has, for the convenience and comfort of its clients, lodging services, also restaurants, spas, meeting rooms, gyms, among others.

Brands sold by SCANDIC HOTELS

SCANDIC HOTELS does not sell famous brands.

Product categories in SCANDIC HOTELS

The category of products and services sold by SCANDIC HOTELS correspond to Hotels and destinations, Travel guides, Conferences and meetings, Explore Scandic, Offers.

How can you get discounts in the SCANDIC HOTELS

At SCANDIC HOTELS you can get discounts in different ways, one of them is from its offers category, also by subscribing to the newsletter, as well as from its social networks, in addition to making reservations on dates such as special sales events such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, 11-11, Christmas Sale, Winter Sale, Summer Sale, among others

How can I use a I discount coupon for SCANDIC HOTELS

At SCANDIC HOTELS you can use the discount coupon in a box that will be located at the time of making the payment of the reservation which will be intended to include the coupon number.

Discount offered by SCANDIC HOTELS

New clients of SCANDIC HOTELS can make use of the offers and coupons available at the time of booking their accommodation.

SCANDIC HOTELS coupon code and or promotional offer for newsletter subscription

Customers who subscribe to the SCANDIC HOTELS newsletter will receive information bulletins about their offers, discounts, coupons and promotional packages.

Special category of SCANDIC HOTELS with products on discounted prices

The offers available from SCANDIC HOTELS currently are 25% discount on booking at any hotel in the chain, 10% discount on food at restaurants on weekends.

SCANDIC HOTELS yearly special events

SCANDIC HOTELS has some special dates known as special sales events in which during this date great and good prices are offered, as well as discounts, coupons among others with which you can save when booking, some of these dates to enjoy are Black Friday, Cyber Monday, 11.11, Christmas Sale and many other dates.

SCANDIC HOTELS offers and Coupons for Black Friday

To enjoy the Black Friday discounts at SCANDIC HOTELS, it has very good special prices available on its hosting service from which you can find a unique discount during this day of 76%, in addition to a 5% coupon, promotion available only for this day.

SCANDIC HOTELS offers and Coupons for 11.11

The promotions that are available at SCANDIC HOTELS during the 11.11 discounts are special due to the discounts delivered of up to 68% during this day in which exclusive packages can be found.

SCANDIC HOTELS offers and Coupons for Cyber Monday

The SCANDIC HOTELS hotel chain has the best prices available to book the Cyber Monday discounts which can be enjoyed in all available countries, these discounts can be up to 80% just for this day.

SCANDIC HOTELS offers and Coupons for Christmas Sale

To celebrate the best days of Christmas which is in the month of December at SCANDIC HOTELS, Christmas Sale discounts are available, which can be on some of these days with up to an additional 56% to a 10% discount at finalize payment.

SCANDIC HOTELS offers and Coupons for Winter Sale

SCANDIC HOTELS has Winter Sale discounts available to enjoy the best vacation days during the winter with which you can book in the best places with a 30% discount available.


In the month of February, Valentine Sale discounts can be celebrated and for this date, offers and discounts are available on SCANDIC HOTELS on any of its services such as lodging, restaurants, among others, with discounts of 35%.


SCANDIC HOTELS has International Women's Day discounts in March for this day, users can enjoy the best offers and promotions, as well as special discounts from 30%.

SCANDIC HOTELS offers and Coupons for EASTER SALE

The Easter Sale or Easter and/or Resurrection Sunday discounts are celebrated every year at SCANDIC HOTELS. For this day, special promotions are available in which a unique 15% discount can be found.

SCANDIC HOTELS offers and Coupons for SUMMER SALE

SCANDIC HOTELS has exclusive offers and prices available to enjoy exclusive days during summer days, which is why Summer Sale discounts are available, a date for which there are incredible promotions and great discounts of up to 60%, additional to a 5% discount coupon.

SCANDIC HOTELS offers and Coupons for BACK TO SCHOOL

Another of the discounts available throughout the year at SCANDIC HOTELS are the Back to school discounts, a date for which discounts from 15% can be found with which you can reserve and save.

SCANDIC HOTELS offers and Coupons for New Year's Eve Sale

The last discounts of the year at SCANDIC HOTELS are the New Year's Eve Sale discounts or also New Year's Eve discounts, discounts available for bookings with discounts of up to 56%.

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